Hell’s Kitchen (US) S15E11 – 8 Chefs Compete

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Season 15 , Episode 11 – “8 Chefs Compete”
This week, Chef Ramsay wastes no time, quickly throwing the remaining chefs into a challenge that will be a test of teamwork, creativity and communication. Each team will be responsible for preparing three entrees, each using a different protein. But, there’s a catch: only one chef from each team will be allowed in the kitchen at a time. The winning team will enjoy a VIP day at the Santa Anita horse racetrack, while the losing team will be left behind to unload 100 pounds of lamb, in preparation for their upcoming dinner service. Later that night, during one of the most successful dinner services with VIP dining guests, actress Lainie Kazan (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and comedian Bill Engvall, the first team to finish their last plate will win.


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