Mr Selfridge S04E10 – Episode 10

English subtitles

The situation is catastrophic. Selfridge’s itself is in real jeopardy for the first time. Gordon is stunned. He’s busy planning celebrations of the store’s 20th anniversary―which is imminent. Stymied and frustrated, Gordon implores Harry to come back to his own store―where he’s needed. Harry knows he can’t afford to pay their debts, so he has to offer them something very special. Organising a lavish reception, Harry offers the suppliers unprecedented fixed term contracts to supply both Whiteley’s and Selfridge’s. Harry is in full, charming showman mode. Everything rests on this final gamble… However, an unstoppable chain of events sees Harry backed into a corner. Gordon is forced act in the best interests of the store. The Earl of Oxford Street is called to account in a shocking, epic and gut-wrenching climax.


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