Pasanga 2 (2015)

English subtitles

The frustrated parents of two hyperactive kids realise the key to unlock their kids’ potential lies in them accepting the kids’ exuberant nature, thanks to an understanding doctor and his teacher wife.

Pasanga 2 (2015)[1080p HD 5.1 AVC MP4 3.9GB ESubs Tamil]
Pasanga 2 (2015)[1080p HD AVC MP4 2.8GB ESubs Tamil]
Pasanga 2 (2015)[1080p TRUE HD AVC 2.0 MP4 4.7GB Tamil]
Pasanga 2 (2015)[720p HD 5.1 AVC MP4 2GB ESubs Tamil]
Pasanga 2 (2015)[720p HD AVC MP4 1.3GB ESubs Tamil]


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